Help and Plagiarism in Dissertation Writing


Writing a dissertation is a tough job. It requires a lot of researching and writing skills. The writers encounter a lot of problems and challenges during the process. Some find the time insufficient, and some find other things more challenging. These include keeping the work plagiarism free and getting enough content to support your dissertation. It also includes getting done with analysis or research on time. So, you can say that all in all, it is a time-consuming task, and due to this, students need to get extra help. They hire dissertation writing services to help them with their papers. The problem comes when other students tell you that you are actually committing plagiarism by taking that help. You should know that there is a huge difference between taking help and plagiarism. Today’s article is all about elaborating on that difference.

What does it mean by plagiarism?

In the process of dissertation writing, plagiarism is one of the things that students must avoid at any cost. It is an unethical approach that students take to create a perfect dissertation. Plagiarism is copying someone else’s data and presenting it as one’s own research. It is not only incorporating the data of others in your dissertation. It is also about not acknowledging the efforts of authors.

You should avoid plagiarizing the content of others in your paper. It is because you have come to the university to speak your word. You are not there to copy the ideas of others and present them as your own.

What does it mean to take help in dissertation writing?

Many students confuse help with plagiarism. In reality, it has nothing to do with this unethical thing. Taking help from students is beneficial as it gives birth to new ideas. Students often take help from external sources, like dissertation writing services. The expert writers sitting there help students in a way that they have never expected. This help could be in the form of sample dissertations and healthy discussions with them. Therefore, help certainly does not mean plagiarism.

Differences between the Help and Plagiarism

From the discussion above, you know the actual meaning of plagiarism and help in dissertation writing. It is pretty much clear that both terms are different. However, a brief description of the differences between them is as follows:

Using paraphrasing tools is not help

Many students think paraphrasing tools are of great help when writing a dissertation. According to Oxford University UK, they must know that paraphrasing is a form of plagiarism. However, if you are using such tools to take some idea of how to structure a sentence, you can call it help.

Security of success

The second difference is that plagiarism does not ensure the success of students. On the other hand, taking legal help from fellow friends and writing services ensure this. By plagiarizing the content of others, students are always under constant stress that they are going to fail. It is evident that they will fail badly. So, the success security is the second difference.


Both things differ in their sources. You get help from your fellow students, teacher, or expert writers of writing services. Sometimes, you only read the previously published papers to get the idea. But, the plagiarism source is your intentional or unintentional use of ideas and words of others. You read an article and copy its ideas without giving credit.


Plagiarism in a dissertation is academic dishonesty and fatal for students’ academic success. Taking help from research papers is not a bad thing. It becomes bad when students start stealing the ideas of other authors and presenting them as their own. Therefore, there is a difference between help and plagiarism that you must always consider during dissertation writing.

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