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5 Differences Between Cross-Sectional, And Longitudinal Research

Introduction Research is of different types depending upon the research question. The researcher chooses a design to follow in his research. Cross-sectional and longitudinal research have different types of designs in use. The cross-sectional study goes back in time. Cross-sectional, and retrospective studies both have a different relation to time. They have different data collection, as well as analysis protocols. The longitudinal study can be in the present, or past. There are many different aspects of cross-sectional, and longitudinal studies. Some examples of these are highlighted as follows; The Purpose Of Research Design The purpose of a cross-sectional study design is to look at the data at a given time. It has a predefined data set. The data set may vary in the characters. But the purpose of the analysis is the event and its parameters. The CEO of the assignment writing services firm said that the purpose of a cross-sectional study is to establish the link between the event an